Welcoming The Summer Season with Sasha Emoniee

California herbalist, gardener, cook, and artist, Sasha Emoniee, communes with the nourishment of nature and the power of plants in her everyday. Her intention in all is to support deeply nourished lives and the connection of body, mind, and spirit. She believes in reciprocity within our relationships with the land and community and that deep healing is fostered when bridging the gap between ancestral practices and modern living, which lies at the epicenter of her work. This work is rooted in the truth that we all deserve to be well, eat well, nourish our bodies, cultivate peace of mind, and nurture our spirit. Sasha shares her wealth of knowledge in how to welcome the seasons through energy, nourishment, and ritual below to immerse into this sacred Summer.

Summer Medicinal Herbs: hibiscus, lemon balm or any mint family member, chickweed, and marshmallow root. These herbs welcome cooling, energizing, and peace from within, balancing the energies of the Summer season.

Energetics of the Season: release, joy, play, awareness, vitality, rising with the sun, long days outside, connection, expansion
Seasonal Recipes: In Summer, our bodies crave nourishment in forms of cooling and hydrating foods and herbs. Our Ginger Cucumber Salad and Solstice Sunrise Cooler both incorporate herbs that cool, calm, and hydrate from within, bringing the body into balance with the season.

Summer Ritual: As Summer is a season for releasing, we're sharing a ritual rooted in letting go to expand forward. Build a sunny Summer altar complete with candles, warm colored flowers, shells, dried herbs, salt, a glass of water, and whatever object evokes summer in your heart. On a piece of paper, write down what you are releasing in this season to create space for more peace in your life. Speak your intention out loud. Light this piece of paper in the fire of one of the lit candles and place in a fire safe bowl to allow it to turn to ash. Once turned to ash, place the ash in the cup of water in the altar. Offer this cup of ash and water to a plant or tree. 


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