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What is the white sediment at the bottom of my shot?

Separation in our shots are natural. Due to gravity, cold-pressed juice settles and collects as a sediment on the bottom and sometimes at the top or side of your bottle. This powerful antioxidant rich sediment is naturally found in ginger and Turmeric juice. In order to break up this tough sediment, we recommend shaking your shot for at least 8 seconds or more.


Why Shots?

Unlike traditional fruits and vegetables, ginger or turmeric root is not easy or practical to consume whole, so drinking the extracted juice is a fun and easy way to receive the nutritional gains from ginger and turmeric.


Is The Ginger Shot spicy?

Yes, very spicy! If you have a low tolerance for naturally spicy food we suggest mixing your shots with another beverage, preferably juice, warm water, or sparkling water.


Can I make tea with one shot and a cup of water?

During the cold harsh winter months in NYC, there is absolutely nothing in the world like hot water mixed with our shots. See for yourself!


How much ginger is good for you?

Although we can't tell you how much Ginger is good for you, we can tell that you that balance and moderation are the keys to achieving a sound body and mind. Everybody is different and thus you should consult with a medical professional to see how much ginger is good for you. Children under the age of 2 are not to consume a Ginger Shot.


Again, what is Monfefo?

Monfefo pronounced "Mon-fee-fo" is short for the monster that goes fee-fi-fo-fum! Monfefo is the giant ginger monster who wants to share the power of ginger.

*If you have any further questions, email us info@monfefo.com. Mahalo and be well.*