How do you ship?

Orders are shipped cold and should be refrigerated or enjoyed immediately upon arrival. We ship orders to the continental U.S. placed Monday - Wednesday next day, and orders placed from Wednesday at 12 PM EST - Sunday ship on Monday. Delivery is generally 1-2 days from the ship date. Please see the map below for estimated shipping times based on your location.

How much does shipping cost?

Our shipping prices range from $8-$50 based on your geographical location and how much Monfefo you order. This pricing is set by our shipping partners, and based on the natural and fragile nature of our products. All orders will arrive within 1-2 days of being shipped and are insulated with ice packs and supportive packaging materials to ensure they remain chilled throughout transit. A select number of Northeast states (pictured in yellow above) are eligible for free shipping on orders over $100 and all other areas have a set shipping price beyond $100 so we recommend ordering in larger quantities to save on consistent shipping costs.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the shelf life and nature of our products being fresh and perishable, all sales are final, there are no refunds, returns or change after order is placed. Monfefo is not responsible for incorrect address locations or incorrect orders. Please make sure before ordering that your shipping location can receive perishable packages and that your package can be stored immediately upon arrival. If your order has been damaged during transit, you may contact us at info@monfefo.com or text us at (833) 762-1265. Please include photos of your damaged product in the email or text. Thank you!

Do you offer promo codes?

We recommend subscribing to our email list to instantly receive a 10% off coupon in your inbox for your first order. Any additional promotions, along with recipes, updates, and more will be shared through this subscriber list. We also offer our subscriptions (10% off), bundles (5% off), and multi-serves as more accessible options as well.

Why shots?

Unlike traditional fruits and vegetables, ginger or turmeric root is not easy or practical to consume whole, so drinking the extracted juice is a fun and easy way to receive the nutritional gains from ginger and turmeric.

What ingredients are in your shots?

Our philosophy is rooted in how a few simple ingredients can be so nourishing and healing. Each Monfefo Ginger Shot contains over 4,000 mg of fresh, organic, cold-pressed ginger root juice, with ginger as its first ingredient sourced from biodynamic Peruvian farms. The ginger is simply paired with organic lemon juice and organic honey to create a ginger-first product. Each Monfefo Turmeric Shot contains over 2,000 mg of fresh, organic, cold-pressed turmeric root juice (your daily dose), sustainably sourced from Hawaii and Thailand. We add a touch of organic black pepper in each shot, which allows for curcumin absorption to be elevated by 2000% in the body, paired with organic orange juice, organic lemon juice, and organic agave. To learn more about these powerful ingredients, explore our ginger and turmeric journals.

What is the white sediment at the bottom of my shot?

Separation in our shots are natural. Due to gravity, cold-pressed juice settles and collects as a sediment on the bottom and sometimes at the top or side of your bottle. This powerful antioxidant rich sediment is naturally found in ginger and turmeric juice. In order to break up this tough sediment, we recommend shaking your shot for at least 8 seconds or more.

How are Monfefo shots made?

From root to the bottle, our shots are handcrafted in small batches. Each batch is made with the highest quality organic produce on the market, prioritizing quality, potency, and sustainability. We support farmers in Peru, Hawaii and Turmeric where our roots come from. We then cold-press these beautiful organic roots using a hydraulic cold-press ensuring we receive as much of the juice from the root as possible. This nutrient rich root juice is then blended with organic citrus juice and a touch of natural sweetener. Finally, we fill all these shots in 2 oz glass bottles and store them in our walk-in fridge until our distributors come and pick them up to get them delivered to you! We have an incredible team that is dedicated to ensuring that every shot that leaves our space is made with detailed attention, care, and love.

Are your shots organic and non-GMO?

Yes! We believe organic produce is the optimal option for the health and safety of the planet. By choosing organic foods, you are voting for that food; You are voting for having food being grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides. These chemicals can not only harm our planet, but also the people working on the farms. Avoiding toxins and heavy metals can optimize one’s life. Let’s vote to bring our planet back into balance, to create an ecosystem that is good for us and for our planet, and to allow for soil integrity, regenerative farming, and biodynamic principles. A cleaner life is a happier one!

How did Monfefo begin?

Monfefo was founded by Justine Monsul in 2014, in her kitchen in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up in New Jersey, Justine's mother Ewa would make her ginger tea with lemon and honey when she was feeling under the weather; it always did the trick. Inspired by how a few simple ingredients can be so healing and nourishing, Justine cultivated Monfefo to aid people in feeling good. The first few batches were made in her kitchen and hand delivered to local delis around the Williamsburg area. After she had about 10 accounts, Monfefo moved into a 400 sqft space in East Williamsburg. Soon afterwards we got our first distributor with a simple handshake deal. The story grows from there.

How are you supporting your mission of sustainability?

Our mission is reflected within our ingredients, our people, and our process: the elements that support and elevate Monfefo's deep rooted intention to consciously and sustainably serve our community. Each of our organic, cold-pressed beverages are handcrafted with the highest quality ginger and turmeric on the market sourced from organic farms and we never add any preservatives, additives, or artificial ingredients. Each shot is delivered in sustainable packaging, with our glass bottles now accompanied with aluminum closures, screen-printed labels and compostable boxes. We support organizations including One Tree Planted, The Edible Schoolyard Program, and One Love Community Fridges through financial and product donations, and are committed to continually becoming more conscious and aware of our planet and ourselves, with open hearts and minds.

What are your ginger shots good for?

Ginger is a rhizome that has been consumed for centuries for it’s natural preventative healing benefits. In Eastern cultures, ginger was regarded as “the great medicine”, as it welcomed digestive and inflammatory healing. Gingerol, the bioactive element, is what makes ginger a super root. Each Monfefo Ginger Shot contains over 4,000 mg of fresh, organic, cold-pressed ginger root juice, with ginger as its first ingredient. The potency of our shots inspires versatility and creativity into the ways you can consume this powerful ingredient. To learn more about ginger, read on here.

What are your turmeric shots good for?

Turmeric nourishes the body and promotes overall health from the molecular level, allowing for the body to not only heal from illness, but promote wellness. Curcumin, the bioactive compound found in turmeric, makes this root so nourishing. With origin in India over 4,500 years ago, turmeric has historically been used to support joint health, promote digestive health, and strengthen overall energy. Each Monfefo Turmeric Shot contains over 2,000 mg of fresh, organic, cold-pressed turmeric root juice. We also add a touch of organic black pepper in each shot, this allows for curcumin absorption to be elevated by 2000% in the body. To learn more about turmeric, read on here.

How can I enjoy my Monfefo shots?

The beauty of our beverages is that you can consume them in any way you’d like! The quality and potency of them inspire versatility and creativity into the ways you can enjoy. You can shoot them straight, add them to sparkling water (a personal favorite), or add them to your morning smoothies, evening cocktails, or your favorite culinary recipes. To explore more of our favorite recipes like our Ritual Elixir and Turmeric Chocolate Banana Bread, click here.

Where can I buy your ginger and turmeric shots?

Monfefo is sold online directly through our website, Amazon, and Walmart Marketplace and is available nationwide with retailers like Whole Foods, Wegmans, Lassen's, Plum Market, and more. To find the store closest to you, explore our store locator here.

Can I enjoy Monfefo shots everyday?

Our organic, cold-pressed beverages are created for the everyday daily dose. Consistency is key for preventative health and creating a ritual around Monfefo is always a beautiful way to elevate your daily practice. Before beginning a monfefo regimen, we recommend you consult with your health care practitioner, especially if you are pregnant or nursing.

How will I feel after drinking a Monfefo shot?

Monfefo has always been rooted in making beverages that can elevate you on a significant level. Enjoying Monfefo should make you feel nourished, energized, high vibrational, and alive!

How many ounces are your ginger and turmeric shots? How many shots should I take a day?

Each of our shots are 2 oz, while our multi-serves are 16 oz, which consist of 16, 1 oz servings. We recommend at least 1 oz a day of ginger and/or turmeric, as both ingredients are rooted in preventative health and keeping your immune system strong. However we recommend speaking to a health practitioner before starting a ginger or turmeric regime.

When is the best time to enjoy Monfefo shots? How often should I take them?

This all depends on your body. Most commonly, people like to begin their morning with a ginger or turmeric shot in their water, as tea, or in a smoothie. If one is feeling under the weather or has an upset stomach, a ginger shot can be taken any time of the day. However, it all depends on your specific body. Before starting a regimen of ginger or turmeric, we recommend consulting with a health care practitioner.

Can I enjoy Monfefo shots when I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Drinking monfefo is a great and easy way to enjoy the benefits of root based juices. We process our beverages without pasteurization to preserve the ingredients and their nutrient density, while always prioritizing safety. However, we do recommend consulting with your doctor or midwife before consuming monfefo.

Can children enjoy Monfefo shots?

Absolutely! Kids love the turmeric shot. The ginger shot may be a bit too strong for some children, if so, we recommend mixing it with another juice.

Can I enjoy your shots on an empty stomach?

Yes. Our shots are made to be enjoyed anytime of day, whether you’ve eaten prior or not. We always recommend listening to your body and how it responds when doing so and honoring that moving forward when enjoying your shots into the future.

Is the ginger shot spicy?

Yes, very spicy! If you have a low tolerance for naturally spicy food we suggest mixing your shots with another beverage, preferably juice, warm water, or sparkling water.

How much sugar do your shots have?

Per 2 oz shot, the ginger shot has 6g of sugar of which 5g is from organic honey. The turmeric shot contains 7g of sugar of which 4g is from juice sugars while the 3g are from organic agave. Monfefo only uses whole food sweeteners that nourish and elevate the body from within (the opposite effect of refined sweeteners). Our honey and agave are certified organic and contain many nutrients, minerals, and healing benefits.

My shot tastes different, it’s less spicy or more citrusy.

Our shots are natural and like any other piece of produce, there is some variation in the spiciness of our shots due to the seasonality of the produce. So like an apple which can sometimes be sweeter or more sour, our shots can sometimes be more or less spicy. We don't like to interfere with mother nature and want to make as natural of a product as possible!

Do your shots need to be refrigerated?

Yes, our products need to be kept refrigerated at all times. Our beverages are organic and cold-pressed and handmade with real ingredients, so remember to shake your shot well and keep it cool.

How long is my shot or multi-serve good for after I open it?

We advise you to always check the expiration date, which is printed on the front of the bottle for both your shot and multi-serve. After opening, the multi-serves are good to enjoy for 21 days.

Are your bottles reusable and recyclable?

They are! Our packaging is plastic free and we encourage you to recycle and reuse your glass bottles. Some of our favorite ways to repurpose the bottles are as a water bottle, plant propagator, or flower vase. Also, our boxes are made from recycled material and can be reused as planters.

How do your subscriptions work?

Our subscriptions are here to make getting your daily dose of Monfefo even easier. You’re able to pause, skip or cancel anytime, and instantly earn 10% off all orders when you subscribe. Explore and sign up here.

What allergens do I need to be aware of with your products?

Our products are naturally free of gluten, lactose, additives, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. Our factory processes products made with coconut, but no other tree nuts or peanuts. Please reach out with any additional questions you may have here.

If you have any further questions, please email or text us at (833) 762-1265.

Mahalo and be well!