The Spring (Vernal) Equinox is an annual planetary occurence that welcomes an equal balance of day and night as the Sun crosses the celestial equator. The word vernal translates to “of the spring” “new” and “fresh” and equinox derives from the Latin meanings of aequus (equal) and nox (night). From this point in time, The Northern Hemisphere begins tilting towards the Sun, welcoming more daylight and warmth with each day. Experienced in unison across the world, the Spring Equinox is a high vibrational moment connecting the Earth through culture, ritual, time, and space.

The balance present within our days returns us to our innate balance within, inspiring and illuminating our thoughts and dreams with renewing energy. This season holds sacred meaning for the individual, collective, and planet, as we enter this transitional period of rebirth and awakening. This is a time to recalibrate and lay roots within our curiosities, communities, and connections; a beautiful harvest awaits amongst the horizon.

Ancient Roots

The Spring Equinox has been revered and celebrated for thousands of years by communities all across the world, welcoming the first signs of Spring and a new beginning. Many ancient sites were built to honor and align with the equinox including El Castillo in Mexico, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and Stonehenge in England. El Castillo is well known because of its architectural precision that allows the pyramid to signal seasonal beginnings. The Mayans refer to the Spring Equinox as “the return of the Sun serpent”, as the pyramid reflects the Sun’s light as a slithering snake along the steps. Cultures including Germanic tribes, Ancient Saxons, and other European Atlantic groups associated the Spring Equinox with fertility, rebirth, and new beginnings. Each celebrated uniquely with feasts and rituals worshipping their goddesses, Ostara and Eostre, who symbolized this Spring season. We see ancient practices reflected in the present-day use of symbols such as Easter eggs and rabbits, as the archaic and modern are always connected through time.

Rituals To Welcome This Season

On March 20th, awaken to the beginning of Spring: a season of illumination, renewal, and high vibrationals. By entering this powerful transition with deep rooted intention, we allow for presence and possibility to carry us toward growth ahead. Flow awaits you within this time of inner and outer balance. To connect deep with yourself and the energy of this time, immerse into the rituals below to celebrate the Spring Equinox on March 20th, 2021.

  • Set an intention. Setting an intention is always a beautiful way to welcome a new season’s energy, as it both grounds and elevates. Use this intention as a guide through Spring and await its amplification in your life.
  • Immerse into your mind-body connection. Create space to connect deeper within yourself on this day and tune into the rhythms and cyclical nature of the Earth. Whether through breathwork, self-reflection, or an outdoor activity, go to the depths of your being to feel rooted and renewed; there is so much blooming to come. 
  • Observe nature. Nature is reawakening, inspiring the same shift within us. Admire the wildflowers blooming, birds singing, and the beautifully unique course that each element of nature takes. Allow this to remind you that you are right on time.
  • Try something new. Imaginative and creative energy is heightened within this time, calling us to immerse into new ideas and dreams. Reflect on what’s exciting you and drawing in your curiosity, and allow this to carry you into this new beginning.

Embrace this season of rebirth and allow this Spring energy to invite warmth, light, and renewal from within. The Sun is rising and a new day awaits; now is the time to begin again.