Monfefo XIII Playlist ~

In Chinese Astrology, last year was the year of the Water Tiger. The year of the Water Tiger was not one of stable water but rather more like a ship out at sea during a storm; a year of chaos, rebellion, change, death (physical and emotional). After talking to friends and hearing others reflect on the past year, it seems this was one of transformation for many.

On January 22nd, we entered the Lunar New Year welcoming the year of the Water Rabbit. The Water Rabbit brings in more stability with one's living quarters and home, layered with mystery and unknown as rabbits live underground.

The rabbit rules the dawn, moments between 5-7 am, moments between sleep and wakefulness. Have you ever awoken right before sunrise and felt the magic of this hour? Where the sounds are gentle and the light slowly begins to thread through the trees; a mist separates the night from the morning.

After reflecting on the communal moments of chaos from last year, I felt like it was only fitting to create a playlist that was soft and grounded yet also welcomes calm change. From the song "Meet Me In The Morning" by Bob Dylan, "They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn."

May this new dawn shed light on the tiger nights and bring you a mystical new year. Listen here to our Mystic Playlist.

Much love,