With an eternal curiosity for our planet and the magic of life, Monfefo was founded by the beaches of Hawaii. In 2012, at the time of inception, it was hard to find a fresh organic shot in the supermarket. You could only find this immunity booster at a health store and even then it was not on the go. It was surprising to me that at the time, this was not available. Fast forward to now and refrigerated shots have become a category.

Whenever I would feel a bit under the weather, my polish mother, Ewa would always make me ginger tea with lemon and honey. She would slice up the root, let it simmer for 30-40 minutes, let it cool a bit, and then add a glop of honey and lots of fresh lemon juice. This was a place of comfort and wellbeing for me. I found it so intriguing that a few simple ingredients can be so powerful.

Naive to the industry and fresh out of college, I had no experience or knowledge about the food world. Just a passion for health and wanting people to feel good. I wanted to sell a shot that would not just be a refreshing beverage, but a drink rooted in a purpose; something that could elevate people on a significant level.

I started juicing and bottling out of my kitchen in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I would walk to the local delis near my home and sell them weekly batches of monfefo. My first account was Organic Planet on Bedford Ave. Babu who knew me well, as this was my local deli said sure he would buy it! Sure enough, a few days later I got my second account.

6 years later, monfefo is still made in-house, in our certified organic factory. We work with sustainable farms from Peru and use only the highest quality organic produce. We are sold nationwide across America and have an amazing team who is dedicated to ensuring that every shot that leaves our space is made with detailed attention, care, and love. Truly, they all rock.

From the beginning, my goals with Monfefo were never out of business but out of intention to truly make a consciously crafted product. Being in the food industry and mass producing a product, I take the responsibility in being as conscious as possible about my impact on this planet. With that in mind, in 2019, I switched over from HPP’ing our plastic bottles to applying UV light and selling in glass bottles. Since September of 2020, we have now switched over to a completely plastic free packaging with cellulose shrink bands (made out of corn), a metal closure, and a direct print-on label. We even switched over to corrugated tape. One business, even one person can make a difference in positively impacting our planet, and I hope you join me in growing to help our planet thrive.

Always with much love and light, 

Justine Monsul