Monfefo’s mission, like our products, is simple:

Monfefo wants you to feel good.

Feel good about monfefo beverages, feel good about yourself, and feel good about the planet.

As a manufacturer in the food industry, it is essential for us to be conscious about our impact on this planet - conscious about the suppliers we chose, the produce we buy, our waste, the medium we use to sell our products, our team, our voice, and even the vibrations we put into our products. Our mission guides us to create, operate, and share with intention and integrity at the forefront.

Our goal is to make a high quality drink with a purpose and deliver it to you in a conscious and sustainable way. Through the community we build, we aim to promote wellbeing not just in the food we consume but in the mind and body; A friendly reminder that everything is connected.

Our mission is reflected within our ingredients, our people, and our process: the elements that support and elevate Monfefo's deep rooted intention to consciously and sustainably serve the collective. Each of our raw, cold-pressed beverages are handcrafted with the highest quality organic ginger and turmeric on the market. This produce is sourced from biodynamic farms in Peru, Hawaii, and Thailand, placing utmost focus on sustainability and nourishment. We never add any preservatives, additives, or artificial ingredients and manage the entire creation process in our Brooklyn, NY factory. With 4,000 mg of fresh ginger root in our ginger shot and 2,000 mg of fresh turmeric root in our turmeric shot, each beverage promotes health and wellbeing at its core.

Each shot is delivered in 100% plastic free packaging, with our glass bottles now accompanied with aluminum closures, screen-printed labels and tamper evident seals made from corn. Join us in our growth to constantly becoming more conscious and aware of our planet and ourselves, with an open heart and an open mind.

“We cannot change the past, but we can change what will be.”