Nut and seed mylks provide a nourishing alternative way to elevate smoothies, elixirs, and culinary recipes. Unfortunately, many of those on the grocery store shelves are filled with gums, sweeteners, and seed oils and contain very small amounts of nuts. Making your own mylk allows for you to avoid these added ingredients and soak in more of the deep nourishment of nuts and seeds with each sip. 

Nuts are nutrient-dense plant foods providing our bodies with essential fats, fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Homemade nut and seed mylk is a powerful and versatile source of these macronutrients along with vitamins and minerals including Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, niacin, folate, calcium, magnesium, selenium, copper, and potassium. We've outlined a simple recipe template below for you to seamlessly welcome the nourishment of nuts and seeds into your everyday. This recipe is able to be adapted and personalized however you'd like, with our favorite nuts and seeds to use as the base being: cashews, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, and hemp seeds.

Immerse into this practice and enjoy the delicious and nutritious benefits that will fill your cup for the week ahead!


- 1 cup of nuts, soaked

- 4 cups of filtered water

- 2 dates

- pinch of salt (for flavor and preservation)

Instructions: Soak your nuts for at least one hour, and up to twelve hours. Soaking supports digestion and nutrient absorption, and you can read more about its importance here. Rinse soaked nuts well, blend with dates, salt, and water until smooth, and filter through a nut bad. (Note: cashews do not need to be filtered through a bag, making them the quickest and simplest option. Just blend with other ingredients and enjoy!) Pour the mylk into a glass vessel and enjoy for up to 5 days. Elevate your mylk with ingredients like ginger, turmeric, or cacao for an added boost of nutrition and flavor!