Mandarin Olive Oil Cake

Made with our cold-pressed turmeric multi-serve and Dark Horse Organic's Rose Gold Wildflower Honey, this olive oil cake is a Springtime sensation connecting you to the abundance and energy of the season. This fresh, nourishing dessert is the perfect pairing for afternoon tea or a grande finale to any dinner party. Welcoming floral and citrus notes, this recipe is easily adaptable based on what you have on hand and what's blooming at your local farmer's market. Our version was topped with foraged flowers from the neighborhood, rosemary handpicked from Justine's garden, and all kinds of in-season citrus. We hope this vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar free recipe inspires you to marvel at nature's bounty and welcome play and nourishment into your kitchen!


- 4 tbsp Dark Horse Organic's Rose Gold Wildflower Honey
- 1.75 cups unsweetened plant-based milk
- 2 oz Monfefo turmeric
- 2 mandarin oranges
- 1 orange for slicing
- 1 cup of olive oil
- 1 tsp salt
- 1 tbsp baking powder
- 3.25 cups almond flour
- 4 sprigs rosemary 

Add 3 tbsp of honey in a cup with 1.75 cups of unsweetened plant-based milk. Simmer until the honey is well mixed. Let it cool. In a bowl, mix together 2 fresh squeezed mandarin oranges, zest of both mandarins, 1 oz Monfefo turmeric, and the plant milk honey infusion. Add in salt and baking soda, followed by drizzling in 1 cup of olive oil, and mixing all together. Slowly add in 3.25 cups of almond flour, followed by 2 sprigs of rosemary.

Bake at 350 degrees for 60 minutes. While the cake is baking, in a pot on a slow simmer add in 1 tbsp of honey with 1 oz of Monfefo turmeric. Once the honey has melted, add in your sliced orange and let it simmer for 15-20 minutes. Once the cake is done baking, let it cool for 20-30 minutes. To finish, layer on the orange slices and a few more sprigs of rosemary or anything else from the garden, and begin serving.