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The Roots

Tell us about your roots. What has guided you to be the person you are today?

I was brought up in a very spiritual household. Since I was born, my parents taught me to heal myself through the power of my mind therefore I have never been to the doctor. This really gave me a full experience of how powerful our mind really is.

What returns you to these roots?

Talking to my mom always returns me to my roots, also the daily practice of meditation, healthy eating and overall healthy balanced lifestyle brings me back to the principles I was taught from a young age.

What does “feeling good” mean to you?

Feeling good for me is not dependent on anything external. It is being 100 percent present in the moment and focused on the reality I want to manifest without any judgement allowing and surrendering to what is. Being unconditional to myself no matter what the external situation may be.


What are your sources of inspiration?

I get super inspired by the latest findings in science and where it meets spirituality. I love quantum physics and lately The Case Against Reality by Donald Hoffman has been super inspiring as to how our perception has been shaped through evolution.

What are you currently excited about?

I'm excited about expanding my practice of hypnotherapy and launching my new retreat in which I will be able to reach more people through this beautiful healing practice.



What is hypnotherapy?

It is a deep state of relaxation where we have access to the subconscious mind and in this state we have the power to reprogram it. The subconscious mind processes 40 million bits of information per second. It is the most powerful part of our brain but it's not very creative, it is more habitual; It's constantly running on all the programming we acquired from evolution, our families and society. Our conscious mind which is situated in the prefrontal cortex only processes 40 bits of information per second and it's the more creative side, but since the subconscious is one million times more powerful than the conscious it usually overpowers the conscious. Through hypnotherapy we have the beautiful opportunity to go directly to the subconscious and reprogram all these limited beliefs that have been running unconsciously all our lives.

What are individuals looking for when they come to you for a hypnotherapy session?

A moment where they will be deeply listened to and be able to pinpoint their needs, to then go into a deep state of relaxation and reprogram their minds to whatever it is that they need.

What does your process and a typical hypnotherapy session with you look like? What does one experience during a session?

You come into the room and we have a conversation where I ask specific questions about your needs, then the patient closes their eyes and just listens to my voice. I then take the patient into a deep state of relaxation where I access their subconscious mind and reprogram it. The patient then leaves the room feeling renewed.

What effect(s) does hypnotherapy have on the brain? Why and how does hypnotherapy work? How many sessions (and how often) do you recommend?

It puts the brain into a state of superlearning similar to when we were kids ready to receive new information and integrate it. It usually requires one session per condition to be reprogrammed. I normally recommend 4 sessions.

How can one prepare for a hypnotherapy session?

I have found that meditation really helps so that subjects enhance their ability to relax but it is definitely not a requirement at all.