Diane Hudock has been a spiritual teacher and transformational healer for nearly three decades, supporting people in healing their lives and awakening their divine potential. She draws from an extensive background and training in spiritual and biofield science, consciousness studies, energy medicine, psychology, and yoga.

In our latest podcast episode with her, we learn about her powerful biofield tuning practice and work within the energetic world as a whole. Biofield tuning is the healing practice of bringing balance to the body through the use of light, sound, tuning forks, and deep intention. It has the ability to clear suffering, traumas, and the stories of our lives and heal pain, anxiety, and fear through welcoming a state of harmony within. In this episode, Diane explores the power of bringing awareness into every moment, how our state of mind determines our health, and how to tune ourselves back into a state of love.

Join us for this podcast on how to raise your vibration, connect to your truest self, and heal from within. To listen to our full conversation with Diane, click here.

“We live in a vibrational reality. Everything that is living is vibratory in nature. We are vibrational beings — thoughts have vibration, cells vibrate, our brain vibrates — everything we perceive as solid is a combination of molecules and atomic particles that are constantly vibrating, rotating, and spinning. So once we understand that everything is vibrational, including our thoughts, it behooves us to choose or attune or cultivate or embody higher vibrational thoughts that keep us in a state of wellness and attract the like-frequency. Your perception simply shapes your reality.”

Diane Hudock


To learn more about Diane and her work, go to: alchemyofmastery.com or listen to The Spiritual Geek Out Podcast: alchemyofmastery.com/podcast.