Elderberry Ginger Rose Tea

In the spirit of the New Year, we have created a recipe with Wooden Spoon Herbs to aid in resetting and renewing your whole being from within. This creation marries the magic of ginger, rose, and elderberry into one deeply nourishing tea. Handcraft for yourself or a loved one and welcome ritual, immunity, and warmth with each sip. 



- 6 rose petals 
- 8 oz of warm water
- .5 oz Monfefo Ginger Shot
- 1 tsp Wooden Spoon Herb's Elderberry Elixir
- lemon and honey to taste (optional)

Simply infuse the rose petals into the 8 oz of warm water for 5+ minutes to create the rose tea base. Then pour in the Ginger Shot and Elderberry Elixir, followed by lemon and honey for additional love and immune support.  Enjoy in ritual and reverence. 

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