With each day, we're learning more about our gut microbiome and its expansive impact on our overall health and wellbeing. With brain, heart, skin, and immune health all deeply interconnected with gut health, it's so important to prioritize practices that elevate the digestion and absorption of our food and nurture our gut from within. One of our personal favorites: chewing your juice. 

A simple practice to expand the benefits of any juice is to chew it. Through chewing, you prepare your gut and kickstart your digestion. This allows for the body to begin digestion immediately in the mouth and brain, which are both integral to the digestive process. By integrating this simple step, your body will trigger the production of digestive chemicals and gut hormones to the brain, stomach, small intestine, pancreas and other digestive organs from the moment you begin chewing. This supports your system in digesting and absorbing all of the nutrients of the juice, nurturing the gut and your whole being.

If chewing your juice feels difficult to remember while enjoying, try adding in a teaspoon of chia seeds! They welcome fiber, elevated hydration, and a new texture to your juice to sip, savor, and chew. Recipes like our Glowing Green Juice await you.